Spreading Aloha to The Boys & Girls Club

07 Aug

Aloha is... spreading my message of aloha and teaching kids how to boost their self-love and self-esteem at The Boys and Girls Club yesterday! I had such a blast with these kids!

Despite the age gap between some of them and there being only one girl in the whole group, they all interacted with me and participated the whole time. They were super sweet and funny!

They loved the breathing exercises and learning about positive affirmations and how to write about what makes them each so awesome. I was blown away!

Together, we went through different examples of what Aloha is.....
Boy 1: Exercise?
Me: Yes
Boy 2: Eating veggies?
Me: Yes
Boy 3: Eating fruit?
Me: Yes
Girl: Is eating Goldfish with my yogurt
Me: Sure, if that makes you happy!

If you have a group you need a speaker for, drop me a line!

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