Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

01 Dec

Aloha is...stepping outside your comfort zone.

Everything you want lies just outside your comfort zone....
Love, happiness, adventure, innovation, success, breakthroughs, healing, peace, and so much more!

These are not things that are just given to you. They are earned with effort. And, true effort lies in doing something new or different no matter how scared or insecure you might feel.

Life is full of opportunities to take a chance and to challenge yourself to take healthy risks. You win some; you lose some. But you'll never know how high you can fly unless you're willing to spread your wings!

Yesterday, my colleagues in women empowerment and I not only took steps outside our comfort zones, but we also took a giant leap of faith. Collectively, we're all middle-aged women who've survived mental, emotional, physical, and financial traumas at some point in our lives. For some trauma survivors, doing something new and different is too scary to consider. Playing safe is being safe.

✅But, yesterday, we went on an adventure and crossed something off our bucket lists. In doing so, we each wrote the first page in a new chapter of courage and confidence in our lives. In the end, it wasn't anything monumental. It won't save lives. But, in some small way, it changed ours because it proved what ELSE we can do!

And, if we can, YOU can!

🍍We are not defined by the traumas of our past. We are defined by the actions we take in the present to create our future.

💟So, tell me something YOU want to do next - in your career or on your bucket list - and I'll give you a reason to believe in yourself!

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