Taking Risks

16 Jan
Aloha is...taking risks.

What risks are you willing to take?

You would not think there was a risk if there wasn't something you feared. You might fear losing something.  You might fear rejection by someone.  You might fear failing somehow.

Without fear you wouldn't need courage. Therefore, risks give you the opportunity to practice being brave. Every time you muster just enough courage to face your fears and overcome them, you grow stronger. Over time, this practice of facing fears and taking risks develops confidence because you can look back at all you've overcome even if you didn't like the outcome!  You've overcome them by merely facing them and getting through it.  

This is how you grow in maturity, wisdom, social awareness and experience.

Aloha Mana Empowerment Message:
Some risks are worth taking because a stronger version of yourself is always worth making.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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