Tapping into Your Superpowers

23 Jan

Aloha is...tapping into your superpowers.

Why do we want to be like everyone else when we're kids?  And, why would be want to be like everyone else when we're adults?  Of course, it's natural to want to fit in. But who says you have to be just like everyone else to fit in?  Why can't your unique set of qualities, personality traits and talents that make you so awesome and set you apart allow you to fit in?  These qualities and characteristics are what make you you and they are your superpowers!  

Yes, you do have superpowers and it's time you tap into them!  You don't have to have a special talent, unique quality or feature to qualify as a superpower or to make you special.  Whether you know it or not, any and all of your qualities are your superpowers.

Are you loving, patient, kind, giving, caring, compassionate, sincere, honest, passionate, positive, brave, confident, open-minded, creative, innovative, resourceful, resilient, modest, insightful, diplomatic, fair, personable, savvy, funny, a quick learner, a good listener, a good teacher or a problem solver?  These are just a few examples of the superpowers you may possess.

You don't need other people, other things or gimmicks to stand out and shine. Look within yourself and see all the great things about you that make you special. These are the superpowers you have to offer to the world and these are what our world needs!
So, just by being yourself you have the ability to be a superhero.

But first, be your own superhero!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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