Teaching High School Students

29 Oct

Aloha is...teaching high school students how to reset their mindset, boost their self-esteem, and cultivate the Aloha spirit.

Yesterday, not only did I present my first workshop to an entire high school!

Due to Covid, I was unable to present my workshop to the 400 students and faculty at Immaculate HS in Danbury, CT, in person, so I met with them virtually first thing yesterday morning! I even wore my UConn sweatshirt to make them feel more welcome and to show them how far you can go in life.

I also found out I went over the time limit by 10 mins (no surprise) but that everyone stayed on the call because they were ENGAGED with the topic, which shows it's much needed! My contact - school therapist- was floored with the participation!

What a rush!
Then, I did it all over again for the parents edition of the workshop!

Today's lesson:

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