The Ring

17 Dec

Aloha is...getting the ring!

We both look tired as hell after a night of painting and prepping for our annual Christmas Crawl party tonight, but Matthew got down on one knee (and got back up!) to officially ask me to marry him again -  this time with an original design we created with the help of a jeweler in La Jolla, the "Jewel of San Diego!" 

We had already gotten married in Las Vegas back in August, but we didn't have rings.  In fact, we didn't have guests, a dress, a tuxedo or a reception. It was just us two in one moment of courage and love.

There is so much spiritual meaning and intention put into the design of this ring and where we had it designed.  La Jolla is where I was first seduced to move to this beachy town and it is also where I was seduced by this man on our first few dates.

The ring is made of a Swiss Blue Topaz, diamonds and gold.  The stone represents the Pacific Ocean that called me for a life of living by the sea.  The diamonds represent our fate that was destined in the stars and our vow to support each others' goals and dreams.  The gold represents our solemn vow to love each other 'til death do us part.

When I met with Suzanne, the owner of Timeless Treasures, she asked me about our love story.  By the time I was done with her, explaining my calling to move to San Diego from Connecticut and the courage I needed to start over with a man who already had children, she was so touched, that she upgraded the diamonds without telling us and without charging us!

She said that as she was putting the ring together, she realized the size of diamonds we chose to encircle the topaz looked too small and that it just didn't do the ring nor our love story justice.  "You deserve better," she said.  

It is a gesture in aloha I will never forget and a reminder that when you believe in yourself and your path, others will believe in you, too.

The best part was going into work right afterwards with a big fat grin.  As I was running around the building to round up residents for exercise class, I showed them the ring. They loved the ring and they were were overjoyed for me.  And, while I was telling my resident, Dean, about the proposal and the ring, I happened to look up at the painting on the wall directly behind the recliner chair he was sitting in.  Believe it or not, it was the exact same spot where Matt presented me with the ring!  What are the odds of that?

I just love this ring. I just love this man.  And, I just love this adventure in aloha.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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