Trash Talk

03 Mar

Aloha is....a college student choosing to serve his community by cleaning the environment.

While walking my dog in my neighborhood, I've seen this young man twice, carrying a plastic bag and a gripper. Then, I watched him pick up trash from our roads and sidewalks! I finally approached him to ask what he was doing and why - just to see what he had to say. I thought maybe he belonged to a volunteer group and I wanted to know more about it.

But, Nick, a 22-year-old Cal-Poly student, just got tired of being stuck at home doing online learning. So, he started walking outside, but then he also got bored with just walking. He said he wanted to be "more productive." He said he didn't have a bigger purpose, like walking a child or a dog, so he created one! That's when he chose service. He said he wanted to serve our neighborhood somehow, and he chose picking up our trash! Now, everyday he takes a break from his studies to pick up trash with his brand-new gripper while listening to a podcast, and he feels awesome doing it. And, I think he's pretty awesome for doing it!

Can we please give this guy a round of applause!?

Ps. Since publishing this post on the Rancho Penasquitos Information Exchange Facebook page, over 550 residents have liked this post and about 100 have left positive comments and words of gratitude! I have since seen Nick and he was very touched by the positive response from his volunteerism.

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