27 Jul

Aloha is...reuniting with an old family friend who also shares your actual birth day.

Meet Steve, your friendly bartender at Masa Restaurant in Boston.  When I was a kid, my father and his father were buddies.  In fact, I remember his dad had a St. Bernard.  When we were young, it was the biggest animal I had ever seen, so my brothers and I were scared to death of him, even though he was just a big teddy bear.

While we didn't hang out much or have any classes together, one special thing that Steve and I did share was our birthday - but not just our birthday, but also our actual birthdate!  Even now, I still have never met anyone else who had the same birthdate as me besides Steve. So, we affectionately refer to each other as Scorpio Twins or Scorpio Brother and Sister.  

And even though we haven't seen each other in 30 years, Steve still emphasizes "family" in our friendship.  When he learned we were traveling back East to visit family and visiting Boston before returning to San Diego, he insisted that we come see him so that he could meet and treat my West Coast family to a ridiculously amazing and delicious Latin American dinner. My boys still won't stop talking about it!  The carne asada tacos, avocado salad, bacon appetizer, fresh chips and churros were off the hook!

If you're ever in Boston, please check out Masa Restaurant and this cute, funny bartender who makes some mean margaritas and mojitos! 


Later that night, vacation shenanigans ensued with a mini high school reunion with Steve and Jennifer. I told her how much my family loved his restaurant that I insisted we see Steve for some late-night munchies after all those Trophy Wife cocktails I drank. We had the best time reconnecting.

I have a passion for connecting with others - from my past or present - and for defining happiness and success on my own terms. Life is just too short and too boring for me otherwise.  Listening to how these two aloha warriors carved their own unique paths in this world filled my heart with joy. 

Much peace, love and aloha to you both.

If you have the chance to reconnect with someone, do it. It is an opportunity in aloha to share your life, reminisce about the past and create new memories together.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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