When Your College Dormmates Travel to See You After 30 Years

28 Feb
Aloha is...when your UConn dormmates travel from near and far to see you after 30 years for a mini reunion and big laughs.

As a freshman at UConn, I was lucky to live in Alsop-A, the foreign language dorm in West Campus. I was in awe of the kids who lived in this dorm because they were brilliant and talented in various fields of study, sports, music, art and language. But what had amazed me even more about them was how kind and welcoming they were to us new students. I had one of the best years in my life that year, spent laughing every day while looking up to the upperclassmen in the dorm. As a big sister at home, it was just nice to turn to someone older for their stories, experiences and wisdom, especially these three. 

Soilo, Liz and Vicky (and hew now-husband Ed), I loved reconnecting with you and am so grateful to find you haven't changed a bit. You're all even more encouraging, supportive, patient and kind! You're the big brothers and sisters I have always cherished in my life - no matter the distance or time between us.

Five hours of laughing with this gang was just not enough, but I'm so happy that we've vowed to keep better in touch now - especially to pick on Soilo for apparently living in a "chryo chamber" all this time. LOL.  Seriously, how did he stay so young looking? Must be his Puerto Rican genes.  But, I poked him in the face just to make sure it was real!

Hopefully we'll have more of our gang to join us next time and maybe - JUST MAYBE - we'll actually run that NYC marathon together that Soilo and his girlfriend, Yvonne, inspired us to do for my 50th birthday! Yikes! 

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha....and Go, Huskies!
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