Wishing Your Teen A Good First Day of Sophomore Year

22 Aug

Aloha is...teaching kids kindness and helping someone enter a new chapter in their lives.

Today, my stepson, Aidan, entered into his sophomore year of high school.  He's on the varsity boys lacrosse team and has played youth sports in town all his life.  There's not many people he doesn't know and he has a good circle of friends at his disposal.  So, today I left him this note not only to wish him a great first day, but also to drop a hint, reminding him how he might have felt this time last year.  I wanted him to remember that it wasn't too long ago when he was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed young buck entering the herd.  

Do you remember your first day of school?  How about your first day of freshman year in high school?  Freshman year is a huge transition year for students.  It can feel downright overwhelming and daunting for some and outright new and exciting for others.  How did you feel?  Anxious, worried, scared, awkward?  Or did you feel excitement about a fresh start and a whole new chapter in life? Were you ready to kick ass and take names?

While our approaches to a new chapter in our lives may vary, one thing is for sure - we could all use some kindness and compassion in the form of support and encouragement.  Life is just so much easier to handle when you can lean on someone else.  Whether they walk beside you or lead the way, having a good friend or other person willing to show you the ropes or share the experience with you is a good thing to have.

But what we can't forget is that "first time" feeling and to be that person walking those first steps into the hallways of the unknown.  So, whether or not you had someone to help guide you on your first day or first months of your new chapter - whether it be a new school or school year, job, neighborhood or even relationship - let's remember to turn around and to help someone else by being the kind of person they can turn to for a little guidance and encouragement.

After all, at some point we are all new at something, right?  We can only hope someone will be there to show us the ropes or help us be successful.  So, be the kind of person who remembers what it's like to be new at something or to experience something new and lend a helping hand.

Every time you have a chance to be helpful is an opportunity to practice aloha.  Don't let your experience, expertise or wisdom go to waste.  We all have something we can teach and learn from each other.  

Your act of kindness not only empowers them, but it empowers you.  It raises your vibration and it helps build your "self-powers," such as self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.  Helping others will not only perk you up and make you feel good about yourself, but it empowers the world to be a better place.

Here's to a good year, Aidan!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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