Your Dad Making Breakfast

20 Feb

Aloha is...your favorite Yankee fan making you breakfast. 

One thing you should know about my East Coast family is that we love the New York Yankees and a home-cooked meal, especially a hot breakfast.

Now that I live in San Diego with a family of boys who don't watch baseball, I must admit I don't even watch the Yanks anymore.  In fact, I couldn't tell you the last time I did!

But seeing my Dad this week only reminded me that his passion for the ol' blue and white stripes was alive and well. He even has a pair of jeans with a Yankee patch over one knee.  We call them his "designer Yankee jeans."  And, if he's not wearing a NY Yankee hat then he's either wearing a NY Giants hat or a fishing hat.

Well, today this Yankee fan served up a plate of scrambled eggs, bagel and hot coffee with a big smile.  I'm lucky if I get to see Dad once a year.  So, spending any time alone with him away from the grandchildren is pretty special to me.

But, there's nothing more special than when your dear ol' dad (or someone else you love) makes you a meal.  It doesn't matter how simple or complicated the recipe.  You know that no matter what ingredients were used, that hefty dose of TLC is what made the meal delicious and memorable.

I love the Yankees.

I love breakfast.

But I love my Dad the most.


Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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