"Your Daily Aloha" Jar Goes to College

26 Aug
Aloha is .. spreading love, kindness and positive vibes one pineapple jar at a time.

Today's "Your Daily Aloha" Jar* goes to college! Meet Noah, musician extraordinaire! A 2020 Westview High School graduate, this SoCal boy begins the next chapter of his life as a freshman at the University of Michigan! 

A member of Westview's award-winning marching band, this talented guy can play five different instruments, but mostly focuses on the French horn and piano. Now, he has aspirations to become a dentist. 
Let's all wish him good luck and send him aloha vibes on his next adventure. GO, BLUE!

* Each "Your Daily Aloha" Jar contains a 30-day supply of customized positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, and candy to sweeten your day and empower your life. Designed to cultivate a positive mindset, lift your spirits, and encourage you to pursue your goals and dreams, this self-care package is customized to suit the recipient's needs. From depression, anxiety, fear, grief, divorce, or job loss to celebrating motherhood, nuptials, a new job, or other exciting life event, these jars are meant to inspire hope, spread positivity, and bless you with the Aloha spirit.

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