Welcome to My Pineapple Posse, a collection of poems to raise awareness and address the struggles young people have with low self-esteem and lack of self-worth. Representing a young person with a unique problem, each character aims to inspire young Pineapples everywhere to help them cultivate the aloha spirit, strengthen their "self-powers," and build the courage and confidence to pursue their goals and dreams!

  •  6/11/2020 12:10

This Pineapple Posse poem is based on the true story of a 15-year-old boy in Texas whose father left his mother before he was born. While he feels lucky to have a father in the man his mother later married, he is so angry that his biological father hasn't played an active role in his life. As a result, Lucas has been carrying pain and shame with him everywhere he goes. I hope this poem spreads some love and light to him and his mom. And, I hope "Lucas" can repurpose his pain and transform his tragedy to triumph.

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  •  5/20/2020 09:40

This poem is based on a true story about Benjamin Pineapple, a 6-year-old boy who has trouble keeping up with school because he has A.D.D. He still can't read, so he feels embarrassed and ashamed. To cover up his feelings and to try to hide his problem, he horses around and ends up in trouble. But, he's not alone. Many kids and adults have A.D.D. All we can do is be brave and do our best. We all have something we have to work on. You are a superhero, Benjamin! Someday you will conquer this kryptonite and fly high above the rest!

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  •  5/5/2020 14:01

Mackenzie is a 15-year-old girl who blames her father's drinking for her parents' divorce. This poem shows her attitude, anger and sass and is recited a bit fast and furious - just like Mac herself. Mackenzie channels her pain and anger into her sports, academics and relationships with her boyfriend, mother and teammates, but she pushes her father away. It took time for her to admit how she feels and to talk about her pain, but she has great goals and aspirations for her future. After I recite the poem, I offer my Aloha Mana empowerment message where I offer her some tips and tools to help her navigate this painful chapter in her life in hopes that she can repair her relationship with her father, who is on his own journey. ***This video is a bit long but it is a heavy topic for kids of divorce and alcohol abuse. It's OK to need, ask for, and accept help from a qualified professional or support group like Teen Al-Anon as they can help you repair your relationship with someone with addiction and improve your own mental health!

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  •  4/17/2020 07:00

"Fly Guy" is a high school boy who doesn't think he's cool just because he's not like the popular dudes at school. He's not yet as tall or muscular; he doesn't wear name brand clothes or have a posse; he's not as talented in sports; and he doesn't know how to talk to girls. What makes you cool is what you think about yourself; having the courage to be yourself; and doing what makes you happy - no matter what anyone else thinks or does.

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  •  4/11/2020 23:47

Patterson Pineapple represents a young school boy who is so hard on himself for making mistakes or not being good enough to make a team or sing in choir and gets upset when things go wrong. This is a lesson in courage, believing in yourself and practicing compassion for trying new things.

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  •  4/3/2020 12:29

Meet Penelope Pineapple. She addresses the struggles teenage girls have with body image and low-self esteem from comparing themselves to others on social media.

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