Benjamin Pineapple

20 May

Benjamin Pineapple YouTube Video

Benjamin Pineapple is six years old; He has a problem with attention, he’s told;

For some reason, he cannot focus his mind; He can’t concentrate more than two minutes each time;

Because of this, he has trouble in school; He still cannot read, so he feels like a fool;

While the other kids can sit still, reading their books; He’s making funny faces hoping they’ll look;

He disrupts the class, the next thing you know;  Then, off to detention, yet again he must go;

Sitting at his desk, he feels lonely and sad; He wonders, Why does this happen, am I so bad?;

He hates being so far behind in all of his studies; He wants to do as well as all of his buddies;

He wished it was easier for him to get better grades; To be in someone else’s shoes, he wished he could trade;

Poor Benjamin, he thinks he’s not good enough;  He’s only six and his life’s pretty tough;

He feels like a failure more often than not; He’s always in trouble each time he gets caught

For making the other kids laugh, he’s always to blame; But he only does it to cover his shame;

You see, next to them, he can feel small and feel dumb; If only he knew where this problem came from;

Sometimes it’s hard for him to sit still, be quiet, and learn;  He gets so embarrassed, he can feel his face burn;

Once he was forced to stay home in quarantine;  His life soon became a whole different scene;

His father works by day, but he helps Benjamin, too; He’s teaching him new things and what to do 

When he has trouble with his attention span; Just for him, his father designed a new plan;

He used to only watch videos and play games online; Now he’s learning to read and how to tell time;

They spend much more time together where he can learn this and that; His father always knew his son wasn’t a brat;

It only makes sense to hide something you’re not very proud; Whether you have trouble adding, spelling, or reading out loud;

It’s a lot of pressure when you compare yourself to others; And think the only ones who understand are fathers and mothers;

But you are not alone; there are lots of kids like you;  Lots of kids have problems in school who don’t know what to do;

It’s OK to be different; it makes you special and unique; We all have trouble with things that can make us feel weak;

Even like Superman, we all have our kryptonite; When something makes you weak, just be brave enough to fight;

Little by little, you can overcome; Any challenge you might have - even feeling dumb;

Just surround yourself with as many people who believe in you; They know you have superpowers within you, too;

They can help you tap into all of your power; When life goes up and down or sweet to sour;

There are many things about you that you just don’t see, But your greatest power of all is simply to be;

Just be you - loving, understanding and kind To everyone you see starting with your own mind;

I believe if you practice on yourself first; That you will have the power to make your bad feelings reverse;

From feeling frustrated, discouraged, or sad, You can celebrate everything that makes you feel glad;

You can make people feel good, and happy, and smile; You’ve got a grin that runs for miles and miles!

You’re so cool that you can easily make a new friend; By just being yourself; there’s no need to pretend;

Having the courage to face your fears and do your best, Makes you a superhero who flies high above the rest;

You should never give up on anything you want to do; Having that strength makes all your powers more true!

The more you keep going, it’s just a matter of time, Before you conquer all of your problems - one at a time!

You will learn to read and to do so many new things! You’ll even see the amazing things you have yet to bring

To the world and to the special people who are around, I know you can leap tall buildings in a single bound;

I bet you’re even faster than a bullet at full speed; And that your love is more powerful than a locomotive indeed;

So, fly to the sky, my brave little man; You have the courage of a superhero, like Superman;

You don’t let your problems make you so mild and meek; You will find a way to learn, do, try, and to seek;

The biggest answers are within your heart - not in your brain; When I look up in the sky, I don’t see a bird or a plane,

I see Super Benjamin soar high above the clouds; With all of his fans waving from below in the crowd.

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