Patterson Pineapple

11 Apr

To hear me perform this Pineapple Rap and discuss it, click on this video here:

Patterson Pineapple YouTube Video

Patterson Pineapple - is polite; 

But some days he can pick a fight

With himself; he cannot shake - He’s upset with his own mistakes;

He missed the bus - he forgot; He tied his shoelace in a knot;

He sits; he pouts; and he cries; What matters most is that he tries;

Trying is what makes you brave; You gotta hang tough and surf the waves;

Things happen - we don’t know why; Don’t fall apart; no need to cry;

Just get up and try again; Victory’s comin’ you don’t know when!

It don’t matter what they say, you have courage anyway!

In art class, his crayon broke; Forgot his raincoat; now he’s soaked;

In school chorus he cannot sing; But he’s so brave to try new things;

School is hard; sometimes it’s rough; Just keep goin’ when the goin’ gets tough;

Every time you make mistakes; There’s a lesson for you to take;

Better and better you will be; Go as far as your mind can see;

It don’t matter what they say,  you have courage anyway!

So, he didn’t make the team, There’s still time to dream new dreams;

Life is hard with ups and downs; Let’s make smiles outta your frowns;

Just take one thing at a time; Take deep breaths and focus your mind;

If you bomb or if you fail; Never give up; don’t ever bail;

Keep doin’ - things brand new; No one can take your courage from you!

It don’t matter what they say, you have courage anyway!

Was that you who stepped in gum? Sticking to the floor, now you feel dumb;

In the race, you came in last; Maybe that day you weren’t so fast;

There are some days you’re ahead; When you were kind with words you said;

There are some days you’re behind; When things you did were not so kind;

You just do your very best; There’s a logo on your chest;

You’re a hero in my mind; You are always one of a kind;

It don’t matter what they say, you have courage anyway!

You’re growing up; and that’s a fact; With lots to carry in your backpack;

You just carry - what you can; You’re just a boy and not a man;

There’s plenty - of time to grow; To help you learn the things to know;

And even though - you think you’re small; Courage can make you six feet tall!

It don’t matter what they say, you have courage anyway

Tomorrow is a day that’s new; There’s still way more for you to do;

Set a goal and do your best; Not everything has to be a test;

We’ve all failed; you’re not alone; In school, at work; even at home;

Bad things can happen sometimes; You make mistakes; there is no crime;

Just take some risks here and there; Do the best you can everywhere;

‘Cuz when you’re brave you stand tall; Like a superhero you can call;

Every time - you fight your fears; Hear this voice inside you cheer:

It don’t matter what they say, I have courage anyway;

I’ll take one step at a time; Focus on your feet, not on mine…

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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