Penelope Pineapple

03 Apr

To hear me perform this Pineapple Rap and discuss it, click on this video here:

Penelope Pineapple YouTube Video

Penelope Pineapple’s a teen and she’s pretty fab; But she thinks her body is nothing but flab;

She sits in her room and looks at her phone, Scrolling through Instagram, feeling alone;

“I wish I was skinny; I wishI was tall, I wish I was the prettiest Pineapple of all;”

“I wish I had confidence, I wish I was brave; I wish I could get the attention I crave;”

Penelope thinks she’s not good enough; How can she think her life’s already tough?;

She’s too busy comparing herself to the others; She looks at their photos - one after another;

She sees other Pineapples look this way and that; She thinks they’re so perfect because they’re not fat;

Look at these Pineapples - happy, go lucky and free;” She sits and pouts, asking, “Why can’t that be me?”

While she looks for more reasons to not like herself; Sadly, she places her heart on a shelf;

What she could do is delete those accounts – ‘til she understands it’s what’s inside that counts;

To get validation she must look deep within; ‘Til she can be comfortable in her own skin; 

If she has time to scroll through her Instagram feed; She can learn how to fulfill her own needs;

She has to love herself more ‘cuz she’s one of a kind; And tap into her “self-powers” and strengthen her mind;

 She should list everything she does and all that she likes; She likes to dance, play soccer; and she loves to hike;

She loves being in nature, she loves to craft and to sew; She loves to garden and watch her vegetables grow;

She spends time with her grandma and time with her dad; She has so much to offer, why should she feel sad?;

She’s smart, gets good grades and has a good group of friends; They’re nice; they’re funny and they’d last ‘til the end;

She has a good family and a roof overhead; She has her own room with a desk by her bed;

She’s nowhere as fat as she’d like to think; It’s so easy to compare and feel your heart sink

From looking at Pineapples you don’t even know; ‘Cuz you don’t know what pains have forced them to grow;

Could they have low self-esteem and want to feel good; Maybe their school grades are not as high as they should;

What if they don’t hava grandma or a cool dad; Maybe they also spend time in their rooms feeling sad;

Is it possible they don’t even love themselves, too?; Maybe they post photos thinking that’s what you do

 To make yourself feel better and look cool to others – while they scroll through posts - one after another

In search of the answers to accepting themselves; Seeking happiness ‘cuz their heartare on shelves;

You don’t find happiness; it’s for you to create; From looking within, you will find your own fate;

You should write down the very best parts about you; I just know that you’ve got way more than a few!

Are you thoughtful, understanding, patient or fair?; Have you taken the time to show others you care?

Do you like volunteering or helping your neighbors?; Can others count on you when they need a favor?

Do you like to read, cook or create something new?; Do you share what you’ve learned and teach others, too? 

There’s so much about you I bet you don’t realize; You’ll just have to see them with your very own eyes;

Be willing to see that you deserve more; Be willing to strengthen your mind and your core;

Your core holds the love, kindness and compassion – you should have for yourself to realize your passions;

No one is you and that is your power; Don’t you see? You’re a beautiful flower;

I believe in superheroes; I believe in you; I believe that you can be a superhero, too!


Peace, Love and Aloha, My Pineapples!

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