10 Ways to Show Appreciation

20 Feb

Happy Aloha Weekend!

Today is Day 7 of Random Acts of Kindness Week, the final day! Here's your last challenge: Show someone appreciation.

To show someone appreciation means to recognize and enjoy their good qualities or the things they do.

Not feeling appreciated is one of the biggest complaints in the workplace and in relationships. You don't have to throw a parade for someone to show you appreciate them. It can take a simple act of kindness to show appreciation. Try one of these tips today!

10 Ways to Show Appreciation:

1. Give a smile, handshake or hug.

A warm gesture using body language can set the tone for a positive interaction and open up lines of communication. It shows respect and gratitude.

2. Give your employee positive feedback, praise, a raise, or promotion.

Everyone loves a reward for a job well done. That reward can be in the form of kind or encouraging words or a strong action, like a promotion or raise, that reflects the recognition they earned at your company. It shows how much you value their contributions to your success. Whether it's verbal raise or a salary raise, being validated for one's efforts is satisfying and motivates employees to do a good job.

3. Express gratitude. 

Thanking someone is always a good way to validate someone's attitudes or actions. It makes them feel seen and heard and encourages them to keep going!

4. Give praise and congratulations.

Being acknowledged for your hard work is empowering. It makes all your sacrifices and struggles worth it when others recognize your achievements.

5. Buy a thoughtful gift. 

To receive a gift of any sort shows that you matter. Feeling heard, understood, loved, and remembered makes people happy and validates their existence.

6. Do a good deed.

Doing something for someone whether they asked for it or not is a good deed, especially in the form of help. Some people have a hard time asking for help. So, it's nice to get a helping hand or to know someone else cares enough to assist you in any situation. It creates positive vibes, peace, and harmony.

7. Throw a party or gathering.

This is a fun way to show someone you appreciate them. Acknowledging who they are, what they do, and what they mean to you by sharing it with others is a big expression of appreciation.

8. Give your client a referral for their business.

In business, there is no greater compliment than to refer a new customer to someone's business. Sending a referral speaks volumes. It not only shows that they do a good job, but it also shows that you trust that they will continue to do good work for others. It also shows that you care enough about their success that you want to help them grow.

9. Tell the world how much this person means to you.

Showing the world how much you appreciate someone can be as simple as a public display of affection, like hugging, holding hands, or kissing. It can also be as simple as sending a bouquet of flowers to their work place or taking a selfie with them to share on their social media feed. But, it can also be as extravagant as throwing a party in their honor, writing an article or post about them for the public to read, or displaying a banner in your yard or even in the sky by plane.

10. Treat this person with kindness and respect.

Lastly, show someone you appreciate them by just being kind in how you speak and treat them. Being respectful, honoring their space, and validating their contributions at home or on the job is a welcomed form of appreciation.

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