10 Ways to Show Kindness

15 Feb

Today is Day 2 of Random Acts of Kindness Week. 

If you looked up the definition of kindness, you'd find that it's "the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate." 

Kindness exudes a feeling. You might hear someone speak and think they're nice. But you'd feel if someone around you was kind.

To me, being nice sounds like being polite or well-mannered. But kind means so much more. Kindness is an attitude, act, behavior, or way of treating (yourself and) others with unconditional respect to make them feel good.  

Your challenge today is to show kindness using any of these tips.

10 Ways to Be Kind:
1. Do a good deed.
2. Do something for someone without being asked and without expectations.
3. Give a thoughtful gift.
4. Be supportive and encouraging of someone's goals.
5. Be sensitive to someone's emotional needs.
6. Look out for your family, friends, or neighbors.
7. Share something you have.
8. Be welcoming to someone new.
9. Be helpful and anticipate someone's needs.
10. Practice self-care.

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