12 Days of Christmas Aloha: Day 3

17 Dec


Did you grow up having snowball fights with your family, friends, and neighbors? I did. And, I don't remember a single fight when we didn't laugh and giggle, even if we got soaking wet in the process.

Even though I live in sunny San Diego now, I wanted to give someone else that joyful experience. So, on the third day of Christmas Aloha, I gave a mom of three young children in my neighborhood two boxes of fake snowballs that I impulsively bought at Big Lots.

At the time I bought them, I imagined I could recreate that playfulness with my own family, but my stepsons are grown. Zach is 25 and Aidan is 17. So, let's just say, it didn't pan out as well as it did in my imagination. Instead, they just smiled and laughed at me. So, instead, I hid behind furniture and peppered my husband with snowballs when he came home from work. And, yes, he giggled, but the experience was short-lived.

Once the thrill was gone, I dropped off my impulse buy to this one mother of children under 10 years old, letting her know how soft these snowballs were so no one should get hurt and nothing in her house should break. She was thrilled! And, now I'll just imagine her kids building forts, hiding behind furniture, and running around their yard as they declare war on each other, laughing and giggling along the way.

*For the 12 days of Christmas Aloha, I'm using the 12 days before Christmas to inspire people to be loving, kind, and compassionate with themselves and each other. I hope my acts of aloha inspire YOU to be more loving, kind, and compassionate today!

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