12 Days of Christmas Aloha: Day 9

23 Dec

On the ninth day of Christmas Aloha, I paid compliments to a friend and two businesses (using Yelp reviews).

While watching a new Netflix drama about ballet dancers, I couldn't help but think of a dear friend who spent 20 years of her life as a professional ballerina before going into teaching. This show reminded me of what she had shared with me about the mental, emotional, physical, and financial sacrifices she made in exchange for her devotion to this beautiful art form. While most people are impressed with other people's successes in life, I'm most impressed by their back stories - their pain, struggles, and sacrifices. Overcoming whatever it takes in pursuit of your passion is what I admire and respect most.

So, on the ninth day of Christmas Aloha, I texted my friend and high school classmate, Kerry, to share her how I felt about her and how she's impacted my life with her journey. She's proven that you can be more than one thing in life. You can start over! And, every challenge you overcome builds the confidence to conquer the next. Kerry is now channeling her resilience and inner strength to pursue a career in nursing, where she'll help heal the world with her light.

I believe if we all took the time to pay a compliment - by text, email, voicemail, note, post, greeting card, or Yelp review - we would not only brighten someone's day and encourage them to keep going but also pump more positivity into the world. And, couldn't we all use that?

*For the 12 days of Christmas Aloha, I'm using the 12 days before Christmas to inspire people to be more loving, kind, and compassionate with themselves and each other. Practicing aloha optimizes your mental health by cultivating a positive mindset and building self-worth, self-esteem, courage, and confidence.

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