"Bee Kind" Cupcakes

21 Feb

Aloha is...learning something new.

When life gives you lemons, make lemon cupcakes! Pinto and I ended Random Acts of Kindness Week by handing out lemon "Bee Kind" cupcakes to strangers outside Starbucks yesterday.

I gave out cupcakes to Starbucks employees, their customers as they walked in or out, and the florist staff around the corner. The florist shop had just closed but when they heard I had something for them, they welcomed me in. Getting a cupcake totally made their day and, in exchange for my kindness, they gifted me this huge, beautiful pink Gerbera Daisy! (See photo below.) One Starbucks customer was on her way to catch up with friends for dinner, so I gave her three to surprise them. It was so fun to see people's eyes light up behind their masks!

The day before, my expert-baker friend gave me a quick tutorial on how to create a bee hive effect for the frosting. Out of a dozen cupcakes, I'd say I made three good bee hives! Ha! It's definitely hard and even painful to hold the frosting bag steady because your hand cramps about five seconds in. And, the patience you need? Oof! (I can cross professional baker off my list!) But, I enjoyed doing it and would love to get better at it! 

This act of kindness got me to do something I've never done before as well as slow down and focus. So, we'll call it meditative!

Try this act of kindness! You'll be glad you did!

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