Being Kind Brings Joy and Healing

23 Nov

Don't let pain steal your joy or the joy you can bring to others. You are worthy of joy and happiness in sickness and in health, and especially in pain or suffering. So, why not practice kindness, an easy way to feel joy and bring joy to others.

Since losing our family dog this weekend, I realized being in the house is the hardest part of grieving. Any minute now, I'm expecting him to walk into the room, beg for a snack, beg to go for a walk, yelp for my help to get him up, or cry for my affection to ease his pain. (Both of my dogs had health issues, so I've spent most of this year caregiving for them both.) He was also such a big dog that the house feels so much bigger without him. 

Sadly, I know it's going to be a while for me to adjust to our "new normal."
I haven't stopped crying but noticed I'm better when I keep busy. So, after talking about my painful experience over coffee with a friend, I went shopping for another friend's toy drive for sick children. In those moments of picking out toys and holiday cards, filling them out, and dropping them off, l felt better. I felt like l did something right. And, I was proud of myself for taking steps in moving through my pain. Simple steps will eventually get me to a place of peace, healing, and happiness.

Being kind not only benefits the recipient with happiness but also provides healing benefits to the giver. Saying, doing or giving anything in kindness is a great way to process mental, emotional, and even physical pain. 

☑️ Being kind boosts serotonin and dopamine. 

↪️ These neurotransmitters in the brain give you feelings of satisfaction and well-being, and light up the pleasure/reward centers in your brain every time you do a good deed. 

☑️ Being kind can also release endorphins.

↪️ These are your body's natural pain killers. Therefore, acts of kindness - whether an act of service, a compliment, or a gift - offers healing.

Practicing aloha - being kind, loving, and compassionate - can help you or someone else heal while grieving. Do something kind today because every day is a good day to spread aloha.

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