Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!

18 Feb

Girl Scouts rock!

Girl Scouts are known for their acts of kindness in their service to our communities. When I worked with assisted living residents, I collaborated with local Girl Scout troops a lot to help me deliver quality programming. From Mother's Day tea parties and holiday parties to crafting and caroling, Girl Scouts always helped my residents feel loved and feel like they mattered!

So, for Random Acts of Kindness Day yesterday, Pinto and I drove around our neighborhood to return the favor. We surprised a few Girl Scouts (some pictured here) with a small bag of candy and a craft of sunshine and rainbows. On the back is a positive affirmation and note to encourage these girls to keep doing what they do best.

And, I might have thrown together a little rainbow costume for Pinto at the last minute.....

Positive Affirmation:
I am a rainbow in a sky full of hope!
Be a rainbow in someone's cloudy day.....

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