Kindness for Kids Tip: Share a Compliment

15 Feb

It's come to my attention that many parts of the country are dealing with harsher weather conditions than normal, forcing children to stay indoors. Consider this little activity for your kids or family members of any age. 

Have each kid draw a name of another family member out of a hat. Then, have each kid write a nice compliment about the person whose name they picked. (If they are very young, pull them aside secretly and ask them to tell you their compliment and you can write it for them.) Keep your person's name and compliment a secret. Then, when everyone's done, collect them. Then, have one person or each person take a turn at reading these compliments out loud. For fun, try to guess who wrote each compliment. 

Please note: You can even write compliments about someone who lives far away. Just call or video conference them in to read your compliment. Even if there's only two of you at home, I still encourage you to do this activity. It might not be so secret if there's only two of you, but its intention will bring you some sunshine and warmth on this wintry day.

‚ö°Kindness is a superpower! 

Giving kids an opportunity to practice kindness makes them feel important, feel like they matter, and feel capable. Therefore, it boosts their mental and emotional health and builds their self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence! Help a kid feel like a superhero today!

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