Operation: Be My Valentine

15 Feb

Here are a few photos from our weekend kicking off Random Acts of Kindness Week. Cu-Pinto gave out over 30 valentines. What a trooper!

And, here's a little poem about our experience.

Roses are red and

Violets are blue;

This weekend I connected

With more than a few

Friends, neighbors, strangers as well,

With my heart on my chest,

I stepped out of my shell;
Asking that they all

Be my Valentines,

Hoping to inspire 

Everyone else to be kind;

I struck all their hearts

With my arrow and bow;

Short, sweet, but sincere,

Here's what they should know:
I love you and I want you to be

More loving and kind

To whoever YOU see;

It's been a 'ruff' year and

We need TLC!
Today is day 2 Of RAK Week;

You can be the sun

In times that feel bleak;

But, in the meantime,

Look out your window,

It just might be me,

Your furry pal, Pinto

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