Random Acts of Kindness: Love

14 Feb

What is love?

If you Google it, you'll find that it's described as an "intense feeling of deep affection" or "a great interest and pleasure in something." When you love someone, it's said you like or enjoy them intensely.

But, I believe you can show someone love even without such intense feelings. I believe you can show love by simply showing respect and kindness to lift someone's spirits or boost their mood. In doing so, you are pumping positive vibes into the world, cultivating peace and harmony within yourself, with others, and with your environment.

With that said, here's a little sneak peek into "Operation: Be My Valentine" where my dog, Cu-Pinto, and I went door to door to spread love and lift spirits on Valentine's Day weekend.

But, you don't need a valentine to spread love, kindness, and compassion. Today is the first day of Random Acts of Kindness Week! I challenge you to try the ideas and tips I share this week to help spread kindness in the world. By participating in this challenge, using the tips I provide, you will cultivate all six elements of aloha - love, kindness, compassion, peace, mercy, and affection.

Here's your first Random Acts of Kindness Week challenge:

Text, talk or telegram (snail mail) 10 people to say, I love you, even just for being who they are to you! To make your message even more loving, acknowledge what they do for you and how much they mean to you.

Happy Valentine's Day! I love you!

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