Actions Speak Louder Than Words and My Actions are Loving, Kind and Compassionate

20 Apr

A football coach friend of my family once taught us, “I believe 90% of what you say and 100% of what you do.”  We would often speak about people’s intentions not only in regards to coaching and instilling integrity, character and teamwork in boys, but also in life.  That quote stuck with me ever since.

Beyond our appearance, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs and backgrounds in education, work and life experience, who are we really?  Who we are is a combination of what lies within us, what we reveal about us and what we do.  We are a culmination of every decision we make and every action we take.  Every thought, intention, attitude, belief, value, choice and behavior paints a picture of who we are and who we want to be.  But, our actions ultimately dictate who we become and our true destiny.

We can think about something for years, but until we act on it, it is just an idea, thought or dream.  Action is the only vehicle that drives our thoughts into reality.  So, what kind of actions should we take?  If we want to be true to ourselves and our dreams, our actions must be true as well.  In other words, our actions must positively support our goals and dreams.

If you truly want to succeed in all areas of your life - career, finances, family, friendships, home, and mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being - consider actions that are loving, kind and compassionate.

Cultivating love, kindness and compassion for yourself and with others helps create a more positive and safer space in your mind to build the confidence and courage you need to achieve greatness.  When you have a positive mindset, you believe in yourself, stay persistent in the pursuit of your goals and keep going no matter the challenges you face.  A positive mindset also breeds positive actions.  Positive actions reflect your self-image, goals and dreams; therefore, they move you closer to the results you desire.  

When your actions are positive, your outcomes tend to be positive, too.  Even if the results are not exactly what you intended, the overall result will be more positive than if you had taken a less-than positive action or if you had not taken any action at all.   

Positive actions reinforce a positive mindset.  So, even if you have yet to achieve the result you desire, you are more likely to be open to learning lessons from your experience and use them as fuel to keep going.  Staying motivated is the key to staying the course long enough to achieve success.  You cannot stay motivated with a negative mindset.  In fact, attitudes and actions that do not support your goals and self-image will only slow down your progress, keep you stuck, or drag you backwards.

Let your actions speak volumes about the love, kindness and compassion you have for yourself and others, my Pineapple.  When you are patient and lead with positivity, all your dreams will come true.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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