Anything is Possible

16 Apr

In March, I wrote a poem for my niece's 12th birthday.  After receiving such a positive response from reciting this poem to her, I remembered how much I enjoyed writing poetry for others over the years. It also sparked a 25-year-old memory of a boss who suggested I write children’s books.  

These events inspired me to write poetry once more, only this time with more passion and purpose behind it - to help young people with low self-esteem and lack of self-worth.  

Called "My Pineapple Posse," I've written poems using "pineapple" characters, each representing a young person with a unique set of circumstances or problems to help inspire them to cultivate aloha; strengthen their “self-powers;” build courage and confidence; pursue their goals and dreams; and achieve health, happiness and success.

Not only have I written these poems with plans to publish a series of books, but I also recite them online. But, it didn’t stop there.  As of this week, I also started adding music in an attempt to enhance the quality of my creations and increase interest.  

While my endeavors haven’t exactly been home runs, I've come to realize anything is possible.  If you had asked me years ago if I would write and recite children’s poetry online, do vlogs or attempt to write a pseudo rap song, I’d say you were crazy and that it wasn’t for me. I’d also say I didn’t have the guts.  But when you are inspired, passionate and purposeful, anything is possible.  Now, I think it's more crazy not to try anything new or different in an attempt to spread my message in aloha.

So, never say never, my Pineapples.  If you want something badly enough, ask yourself what are you willing to do to get it.  I’m not a good performer, but I put my mission in aloha and helping others above any fears and failures in my wake. Instead, I’ll continue to ride these waves, knowing one day I'll end up on top. 

If you keep an open mind, move forward with courage and believe in yourself, you, too, will find that anything is possible!

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