Doing What's Right is More Important Than Being Right

22 Mar

No one likes being wrong. Most people want to be validated with proof that they were right. Being right boosts self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence. Who wouldn’t want to come out on top, feeling like a star?

It’s human to place our desires above our principles at times. But, it’s important to remember our priorities in situations that matter the most, like in our relationships with those that matter the most.

In any argument with your loved one, think about your priority and your goal. What is it you hope to gain out of the argument? Are you looking to be right? Are you looking to win? Are you looking to make the other person feel bad? Do you think winning will make you better than them? What are you trying to prove? And, why is it so important to you to be right?

In relationships, we can sometimes lose ourselves. In arguments, we can sometimes lose ourselves. And, in trying to prove our point, we can sometimes lose ourselves.

If you value the relationship, think carefully about what is most important: being right or doing what’s right. In every situation, you have to consider what the right thing to do would be. Is it to teach a valuable lesson? Is it to help your loved one achieve a goal? Is it to show support and encouragement? Is it to help them avoid getting hurt or making a mistake?

To properly assess the situation, think about all the possible outcomes. What would the outcome be if you were right? What would the outcome be if you were wrong? What would the outcome be if you did what was right instead of pushing your agenda to be right?

The best outcome is one where you keep your relationship intact with minimal damage. Being right can gain trust and respect. But, doing the right thing not only gains trust and respect but also love and admiration.

When you love someone, find a way to show it by doing what’s right.

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