Every Closed Door Leads Me to an Open Window

06 Oct

2020 pulled the rug out from underneath us. Maybe you lost your job or the business you spent decades building. Or, maybe the business you just launched fizzled because COVID-19 had other plans.

It can be incredibly difficult to recover from such loss and have an open mind, especially when you've been fixated on a certain path for so long. But, you can turn your negative situation into a positive one and find your way again.

Here are 10 Tips to help:

1. TAKE TIME to process your loss.
2. LEAN on those who can be supportive and positive for you.
3. LIST every passion, skill, and talent. Remembering everything you have to offer this world not only lifts your spirits and boosts self-esteem but can also help you create a plan of action.
4. EXPLORE any avenue of interest, even the ones that sound crazy or too far out of reach. 2020 has proven anything is possible, so use it to make great things happen. You've created success once, you can create success again!
5. JOURNAL your feelings. Writing may reveal ideas you hadn't been able to act on before.
6. GRATITUDE JOURNALING can help you maintain a positive mindset, which keeps you alert to new opportunities and creates invites all kinds of possibilities into your life.
7. BE CREATIVE. Using your hands to build, create, or make something out of nothing awakens a different part of your brain. This awakening can lead to profitable ideas or forging new paths. You CAN build something out of nothing!
8. MOVE YOUR BODY. Increasing blood flow increases mental clarity. A clear mind brings forth solutions to problems.
9. TAKE A CHANCE. Action is empowering! Doing something is better than doing nothing, even when you don't think what you're doing is good enough.
10. BE OPEN to the journey, for you never know where it might lead! Being open brings forth opportunities. Being closed won't.

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