Every Road Leads Me to a Beautiful Destination

08 Oct

Life is a road map that leads to all kinds of destinations. But, just when we think we're following directions that will take us to our desired destinations, life can present unexpected detours. These detours might be scary, exciting, or both!

Try not to let the detours rattle you. As tempting as it is, do not resist the new journey. Don't stop and turn around. Just keep going!

Yes, this new unknown path in your journey might be uncomfortable, but it also might not be so bad after all. It could offer these possibilities:

✨It could reroute you to your destination with beautiful new sights along the way - sights you would have missed otherwise.
✨It could introduce you to new travellers that become a part of your journey and life story.
✨It could take you to your destination even faster than you anticipated.
✨It could lead you to a whole new destination that's even more wonderful than you could have ever planned or imagined!

Instead of resisting the open roads that lie before you, be open to the journey that unfolds for you....

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