Everything I Do, I Do With Confidence

17 Sep

HEY, YOU! How's that thing coming along? You know, that project or task on your to-do list? Or, whatever it is you're learning, doing, or trying?

It's normal to think what you're doing isn't good enough. It's also normal to fear rejection, failure, or judgement when you're doing something new or different. We can be our harshest critics when really we should be giving ourselves credit for getting out of our comfort zones.

When you're doing something you've never done before, that's being brave! No one can take that courage away from you!

You also build confidence the more times you practice courage and that skill you're cultivating. How can you expect excellence at something you've never done before? Some skills really do take time to build and you deserve that time!

Here's an affirmation to try whether it's your first time doing what you're doing or your millionth time. Just keep going! You got this!

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