Everything is Going to Be OK

10 Apr

Happy Aloha Friday, my Pineapples! Let’s end this week with a friendly reminder.

Even in the face of uncertainty, we can tell ourselves that everything is going to be OK. Why? Because if we don’t, we’d have to choose an alternative. Do we really want to choose the worst-case scenario? Do we really want to embrace the absolute worst thing imaginable? And, what exactly would that look like to you?

If we can imagine the worst, then we can imagine the best, too. So, let’s fight the worst-case scenarios with the best-case scenarios, shall we? To do this, let's reassure ourselves that everything is going to be OK, starting with what we know. We'll start small.

First, look at every single part of yourself. Saying them out loud, list everything about yourself that is OK right now. Say anything that comes to mind that makes you feel reassured and empowered, such as, “My legs are strong; my legs are OK. My knees don't hurt; my knees are OK. My appetite is good; my stomach is OK. My head is clear; my head is OK. My shoulders are loose; my shoulders are OK; My body can move; my body is rested; my body is OK. I eat regularly; I am healthy; my health is OK.”

Then, look at everything in the room around you. Saying them out loud, list everything that is OK in that room right now. “The TV, the stove and the lights work; the electricity is OK. The water runs hot and cold; the faucet is OK."  List anything about your immediate surroundings that makes you feel secure. "We have food in the pantry and in the fridge; we have cleaning supplies and paper goods. Our supplies are OK. The house is clean; our home is safe. Our house is OK.  Everyone is home, safe and sound; my family is OK."

Then, keep going bigger. Continue to list anything else about your home, family, pets, friends, job and life that is OK right now. If there is an area that is not OK, either focus only on the positive parts about it or skip that area altogether until you’re ready to see them.

The purpose of saying this affirmation and doing this exercise is to find and focus on the positive in your life and to help keep you calm, comforted and confident that everything is going to be OK. I hope you do this exercise and I sincerely hope that you are OK, my Pineapples.

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