Focusing on the Good is My Superpower

03 Mar

With so many distractions and life challenges, more and more people are having trouble seeing the good.  How can you possibly concentrate on the good when there’s one problem after another to solve?

What seems impossible at first can become possible by taking one step at a time. We are the sum of our surroundings. Therefore, the first step begins with looking at your immediate environment. What do you see? Who is in your immediate circle? How do you feel?

The second step is to identify the people in your life who help you feel safe, make you happy, or who make your life better, even if by just being in it. The third step is to identify the things that these people do to bring you joy, help you smile, and make you feel good. Lastly, acknowledge these people for what they do for you.

Repeat the same process with the places and things in your life that make you feel good. To acknowledge how they make you feel, express it with gratitude. Gratitude journaling is a great way to help you find the positive in your life and manifest more. Aim to write three gratitudes daily beginning with the phrase, “I am so happy and grateful for.”

This process and this affirmation will help you find the good, feel the good, focus on the good, and attract more goodness into your life.

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