Grieving is Healing

23 Nov

This weekend, our oldest dog passed away. Hoping he would make it through the holidays and to his 14th birthday in January, I'm grief-stricken. Yet, I know I'll heal if I allow myself to grieve. I'll slow down, cry, reminisce, take long walks, talk it out, take naps or sleep in, cuddle with my other dog, eat my favorite foods, watch my favorite shows, decorate for Christmas, and take mental breaks.

Grieving looks different for everyone. Whether we've lost a pet, lover, friend, or family member, we all grieve differently and at different paces.  But with each passing day, we are one step closer to healing when we grieve in a healthy way and trust the process.

Here's a few tips:
1. GIVE yourself time and space. Retreat or be with a select few who can provide comfort and support.
2. FOCUS on small goals daily. Create short lists of doable tasks. You don't need to feel worse for biting off more than you can chew right now.
3. REPEAT positive affirmations. These little magic spells you cast on yourself can provide the comfort, courage, and confidence you need to move forward.
4. READ up on on grief to guide you through the healing process. We can always learn new ways to improve our quality of life.
5. ALLOW yourself to feel every emotion. Don't swallow or deny your feelings. They reflect your inner truth. Truth is like a cork in water. You can hold the cork down for only so long before it eventually floats to the top. So, the sooner you allow your true feelings to rise, the sooner they will fall to the wayside.
6. BE KIND. Practice self-care. When you're kind to your mind, happiness you will find.

You may always feel the pain of your loss. But, if you take time to grieve, missing them won't interfere with your goals and dreams for living your best life. And, wouldn't your loved one want that?

Yes, they would!

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