I Am Free to Be Myself

23 Oct


It is common for people to believe that loving yourself is your greatest superpower. I respectfully disagree.

I believe having the courage to be yourself is the greatest superpower of all. To be yourself takes:
⭐ Accepting yourself
⭐ Loving yourself
⭐ Believing in yourself
⭐ Knowing your worth

Your superpowers consist of these self-powers:

  • SELF-ACCEPTANCE: You accept yourself as you are despite your flaws
  • SELF-WORTH: You know your worth and understand you deserve peace, love, health, happiness, and success.
  • SELF-LOVE: You love yourself enough to want to take care of yourself - mind, body, and spirit.
  • SELF-BELIEF: You believe in yourself and your potential to achieve greatness however you define it for yourself.
  • SELF-ESTEEM: You hold a high and healthy opinion of yourself. You would describe yourself in a positive light.

__________________________________TWhen you have a hold on all of these superpowers you can cultivate the courage to be yourself even if you're on a self-improvement journey. Therefore, being yourself is a combination of all of these self-powers, making it the most powerful self-power, or superpower, of all. This superpower makes you unstoppable and invincible in your pursuit of becoming your best self and creating your best life.

Besides, no one else in the world is exactly like you, making you one of a kind. The combination of all your passions, skills, talents, background, experience, and everything that makes you YOU just can't be replicated. You are truly unique and special. And, doesn't that feel great? 

Be Brave. Be True. Be You.

Because there's no one else like YOU!

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