I Am Giving My All, and That's More Than Enough

01 Jun

Doesn't it suck when you feel like everything you're doing just isn't enough? Giving your all can still feel like it's not enough. But who decides what is enough or not?

You do.

Sometimes we place such high or even unattainable expectations upon ourselves. But we don't deserve that kind of pressure. So, where does this pressure come from? It can come from constantly comparing ourselves to others.

Comparing ourselves to others and believing we should be where they are by now only creates unnecessary stress. We arrive when we're ready to arrive. We each come into our own in our own way and in our own timing. That's what makes us and our journeys each unique and special.

Placing too much pressure on ourselves and not embracing enough patience leads to feeling like we are not enough or that we are not doing enough. We also tend to place more focus on what we have not yet done than what we have already done. But failing to give yourself credit for all you are and all you have achieved is a mistake. Giving yourself credit is the key to building self-worth and self-esteem.

The best and the fastest way to achieve our goals is to first feel good enough about yourself. Feeling good about yourself builds a stronger mindset to pursue your dreams and desires. So, find a way to feel good about where you are in this moment to help carry you into the next.

To do this, first decide that you deserve to feel like you are enough. Then, decide and declare that you are enough. Then, decide and declare that you're doing enough.

To help you achieve this task, look for proof. Find the evidence by making a list of all the good things you have already done, achieved, or received in your life. Focus on your best qualities and passions, too. Look for as many positive things as possible and go as far back as possible into your life if necessary. Don't leave any rock unturned. Don't just look for the good in the big things; look into the small things for what makes you great, too. You'll see that there are many great achievements in even the smallest of accomplishments.

Just because you have not yet achieved something doesn't necessarily mean you won't. It just means you haven't yet. You just need more time.

Giving yourself enough credit for what you have done in the past can also help build your confidence, self-belief, and faith. This powerful combination can help build patience. It will help you see that it's only a matter of time before you achieve what you want next. In other words, focus on what's gone right in the past to help you believe that more can go right if you make space for it.

Giving yourself more credit and less criticism creates more self-compassion. Being so hard on yourself will only delay the process or discourage you from following through on pursuing your desires.

So, decide that you are enough. Declare that you're doing your best and that you're doing enough. But be honest with yourself. If you realize that you really aren't doing your best, make a commitment to boost your efforts. Lastly, decide that there's enough time to achieve your goal.

The only pressure is the pressure you place on yourself. But what's the rush? Who says it's not enough? You decide that.

Take back your power by deciding what "enough" means to you.

Live, Love, and Lead with Aloha.

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