I am Lucky

17 Mar

In hard times, it's hard to feel lucky. How can you see how lucky you are when all you see is one mountain to climb after another?

Life is based on perception. Two people can look at the same thing, but each person sees two totally different things. How is that possible? Mindset. It matters.

Your perception - how you see your reality - is rooted in your mindset. If you have more of a positive mindset, then you tend to see your glass as half full. But, if you have more of a negative mindset, then you tend to see your glass as half empty. Which would you prefer?

How grateful you are says a lot about how lucky you might feel. It also says a lot about your mindset. If you don’t like the results you’re getting out of life, consider shifting your mindset with gratitude journaling. It takes time, energy, and effort, but the results are worth it. Once you find something to be grateful for, then you can start to condition your mind to find and seek more things to be grateful for. And, this is one way to start changing and creating your own luck!

Here's how:

I suggest starting with the phrase, “I am so happy and grateful for.” Then, finish the phrase with what it is you are grateful for. The secret to making this exercise more effective is to handwrite it. By using your own handwriting instead of typing, you are strengthening the connection between your mind and body. This connection makes the gratitude that much more powerful.

Also, be as specific as possible when writing your gratitude. Use as much detail as you can to feel more connected to it. Then, consider explaining why you are grateful for this particular person, place, or thing. This helps solidify the gratitude. Lastly, say your gratitude out loud! Your gratitude immediately transforms into a positive affirmation!

This exercise helps change your luck by helping to expand life's possibilities. By consistently doing this exercise, you will begin to see and feel the good in the world. Lastly, it will help you see and feel that you deserve all that is good in the world, too.

Being in alignment with your gratitude helps you create your own luck. You unknowingly start creating actions that manifest or invite more good to come your way. In other words, by shifting your mindset, you invite more people, places, and things into your life that are in alignment with what you find to be good. Therefore, by expressing appreciation for something, you invite more things to appreciate.

When you find things to be grateful for, you feel lucky. As with gratitude journaling, start saying, I am lucky. To strengthen this affirmation, add why you’re so lucky. Then, watch more luck come your way.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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