I Am My Own Superhero

28 Apr

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

If you grew up watching cartoons and movies with superheroes, you were probably mesmerized by the superpowers they each possessed.  Which superhero was your favorite?  

Was it Superman because he was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and fly?  Maybe you liked Spider-Man because he could feel danger coming with his “spidey senses” or leap from building to building using his web-shooters.  Wonder Woman with her beauty, badass strength and sexy outfit was my personal favorite.

Today, our obsession with magical powers or superhuman strength continues in sold-out Marvel and DC Comic movies, where it seems even more characters with superhuman abilities have come to life. From Aquaman and Wonder Woman to Iron Man and Captain America, each character has their own unique combination of strengths that draw us in and make us want to be more like them.

While these fictional characters all have their place in myths, movies and even our minds, we need only to look within to find that we possess superpowers of our own. In fact, I believe if you don’t like something about yourself or your life, it is your responsibility to do something about it.  Don’t rely on anyone else to save the day.  You already have the power to do so yourself.  It’s only a matter of tapping into your superpowers and using them for good by making positive changes. Therefore, I believe you can be the superhero in the story of your life.  You merely have to look within.

What makes you a superhero?  Here are eight of my favorite superpowers that I admire in mere mortals roaming our planet today: 

Courage.  Courage is the superpower of strength.  Courage is having the strength to run through the fire of your fears no matter how hot the flames.  Courage is moving forward no matter how high the wall that separates you from your dreams.  But courage can also mean facing another day of struggle, hardship and pain.  Having courage is an active power.  It’s not letting things happen to you; it’s about making things happen for you.  Courage is an important power to have to pursue any of your goals and dreams.  It is required to achieve health, happiness and success of any level.  To have courage, you must cultivate a positive mindset and commit to making a step forward in the direction of your dreams.  

Self-belief.  Self-belief is the superpower of optimism.  Believing in yourself creates an optimistic attitude for taking positive actions in your life that can help you achieve optimal health, happiness and success.  When you believe in yourself, you believe that what you do can make a difference in all areas of your life.   Therefore, self-belief breeds acts of courage.  Courage breeds confidence, and confidence breeds success.

Self-love.  Self-love is the superpower of beauty.  When you love yourself, your inner beauty radiates outward in loving actions.  Loving actions are those that positively serve your mind, body and spirit. Loving yourself is demonstrating kindness in some way that enhances your health, also known as self-care.  For example, exercising your body should not be about punishing it for all that it is not, but instead for all that it is.  Exercising also shows gratitude for all that your body does for you to get you through life. Self-love reduces the negative self-talk in your mind, allowing you to be happier. Self-love also allows you to better love others.  When you love yourself, you tend to be the kind of person others want to love and be around as well.

Kindness.  Kindness is the superpower of community that comes with a boomerang effect.  When you show others you care by doing nice things for them, not only do you make them happy with a selfless act, but you also make yourself happy.  A happier state of mind allows you to have a better outlook on life, which can make you more resilient to life’s ups and downs and encourage more acts of kindness. Therefore, kindness can also promote healing.  Doing things for others builds stronger connections and can build trust, which enhances your emotional health and creates community.  

Self-compassion.  Self-compassion is the superpower of kindness.  Being too self-critical is not always the best motivation. When you cultivate compassion, you are gentler with yourself.  You put less pressure on yourself and give yourself more credit for how far you’ve come in life instead of how far you have yet to go. Therefore, you speak kinder to yourself. With more positive inner dialogue, you create a safer headspace to generate positive actions.  Therefore, you’re more likely to continue to step out of your comfort zone and take healthy risks because you feel more supported.   Compassion breeds courage and confidence.  

Faith.  Faith is the superpower of vision. Faith is believing that all your good intentions will produce good results and outcomes even when you lack clear evidence or proof.  Faith is also having the ability to see your challenges, struggles and hardships through to the end even if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Gratitude.  Gratitude is the superpower of manifestation. Gratitude creates a portal of positivity for more good things to come your way.  Expressing gratitude for everything and everyone in your life now prepares you to receive more abundance in the future.  In other words, gratitude creates a more positive mindset that focuses on all the goodness in what you have, steering you away from the negative pull of what you lack.  Therefore, expressing gratitude invites more positive outcomes to be grateful for in the future. Gratitude is a strong superpower to have even in the hardest times of your life.  It can keep you afloat long enough to experience a breakthrough in your life. 

Being yourself.  Being yourself is the superpower of truth. The greatest superpower you have is the ability to be yourself no matter what anyone else is saying or doing.  It is the one power that makes you the most unique as it combines all your superpowers into one.  When you are able to honor and protect your beliefs, morals, values, goals and dreams, you are strong enough to achieve success.  Staying true to yourself makes you unstoppable!

If you tap into these superpowers, not only will you achieve greatness, but you will also inspire greatness in others.  And, that’s what puts the “super” in superpower.  When you learn to cultivate these superpowers, you are not only helping yourself, but you are also helping others to do the same.  While you don’t have to worry about saving the world, this is how you empower the world to save itself.

I believe in superheroes; I believe in you. And, I believe that you can be a superhero, too.  Be your own superhero, my Pineapple!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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