I Am Not What Happened to Me. I Am Who I Choose to Become.

22 May

Once upon a time, there was a pandemic. It practically shut down the world. People panicked.  People sheltered in place.  Schools closed. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer became hot commodities.  People lost their jobs.  People lost their lives.  

How would you finish this story? How would your story go?

Everyone has their own stories about COVID-19.  Everyone has their own version of how the coronavirus changed our world overnight.  Everyone has their own theories as to how the pandemic began and the purpose it served in our lives.  From how we live to how we think and feel about ourselves and the world we live in, we all have our own perspectives. And, everyone has their own opinions as to where we go from here.  

Whatever you believe to be true or not, how the pandemic affected you and your family is unique.  Only you can tell the story about what you went through this spring.  Your story is only for you to tell.  So, how would you describe your experience?

Did the pandemic cause you financial ruin?  Did it cause you pain and suffering? Did it bring your family closer or tear you apart?  Did it make you more hopeful or more skeptical?   Did it make you more grateful and mindful?  Did it make you anxious or depressed?  Did it make you angry, frustrated, or stressed?  Did it force you to slow down or work harder than ever?  

Who were you before the coronavirus stripped away your freedom?  Who are you now?  How have you changed? Whatever you think the last two months brought you or did to you, you can ride the waves of change, and rise above.  To do so, set your sights on the shore and focus on the person you believe you were meant to become and how you can get there.  

Define what makes you happy.  Focus on what drives you.  Then, love yourself enough to see it through.  When you love yourself enough, you won't tolerate any nonsense.  When your self-love is strong, you won’t let negative thoughts, doubts, or fears that may arise from the corners of your mind take over.  You can dig your heels in the sand and choose not to let them have power over you.  You can choose not to believe them. You can choose to believe in your dreams and yourself instead.   Let your desire for happiness be greater than your fears.  Defend your dreams and fight for your happiness. 

Remember, it is worth all the trouble you have to go through to become the person you believe you were meant to be.  You matter.  Your goals matter. Your dreams matter.  And, your life matters.  

You are just as important as everyone else.  Don’t let one person, place, or thing let you forget or get in the way of your plans, goals, or dreams.  While you might have to create a “Plan B” to make them happen, value yourself enough to fight tooth and nail to see your plan through. Your happiness is worth it.  So, do not settle.  Do not compromise your values, beliefs, goals, or dreams.  Do not give in.  And, most importantly, do not give up.

In the meantime, practice self-compassion.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  Defend your right to heal financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically at your own pace.  We all have our own waves to ride.  So, it's only natural that we rebound, recover, and recuperate in our own ways. Give yourself permission to take the time you need to find your way back to shore.   

You are not what happened to you, my Pineapple.  You are the person you choose to become.

Live, Love, and Lead with Aloha.

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