I Am Surrounded by Those Who Lead Me to Greatness

25 Mar
My number one rule for achieving happiness and success is to surround yourself with the right people.

Look around you.  Who leads by example in your life?  Who inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things? Who inspires you to be brave, positive, or to dream big? Who makes you want to be and do your best? These are the people to keep close to you. This is your tribe!

We only have control over our own attitudes and actions. But, the attitudes, actions, and energies of those close to us can strongly influence our own. Therefore, they can have a big impact on the results and outcomes in our lives. 

Being around people who strive to be more positive and to do extraordinary things with their lives can help lead you to greatness. We tend to model the behavior of those we admire most or those who have similar goals. Just listening to or being around people who strive to be better versions of themselves can be inspiring, motivating, and empowering enough to ignite a spark within us. Their infectious energy can help keep us dreaming, believing, and achieving! 

At minimum, their positive vibes will lift your spirits! Positive attitudes lead to positive actions. Positive actions lead to positive results. Therefore, living with more positivity leads to better health, more happiness, and greater success in life.

At the same time, negative people can drain our energy. They can slow us down, stunt our growth, and keep us stuck in fear. The poor attitudes of others can weigh us down, too. 

Actions follow attitudes. It won't take long for a negative attitude to sour your actions. If you're too negative, you won't strive for greatness because you won't be motivated. Therefore, you won't push harder, seek better solutions, or get more creative. You also you won't attract the right people to help you. Instead, you'll be less likely to be open to new opportunities and less likely to follow through on your goals or dreams.

A negative attitude could keep you feeling stuck or stale with your life. This could mean making little progress in your life - whether with relationships, jobs, health goals, or dreams. As a result, you could become sad, angry, or depressed. This result only creates a vicious cycle of more negative thoughts, actions, and outcomes.

It's not easy to avoid the "Negative Nellie's" in your life, but you could limit your exposure, practice positive affirmations and meditations, listen to motivational speakers, and read or watch inspirational stories of others who overcame their fears or challenges. In the meantime, seek more positive people and/or greater exposure to them. Lean on them as often as you can and don't let go!

When you surround yourself with greatness, you achieve greatness. When you lead with positivity, greatness always follows.

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