I am the Change I Wish to See in the World

15 Mar

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”― Mahatma Gandhi

When life is not how we’d like it to be, we tend to wish for things to be different. It’s human nature to wish for good things to come our way. And, even though our wishes may not come true, we all wish for our world to be better.

But what if you could create the world you wanted? What would your world look like?

What you say and what you do define your reality. A positive affirmation is a tool that can help bridge the gap between what you wish for and what you experience in life.

Therefore, repeating an affirmation like this one can help build the courage you need to take action on your goals and dreams. It can also make you confident enough to say or do something that supports your wish to make your world better. 

It all start with you! For your wish to come true, embody it! Embody the change you wish to see using positive self-talk and positive actions.

To experience more kindness, be kind to others and to yourself.To experience more love, be loving to others and to yourself.To experience more hope, be hopeful and share your hope with others.To experience more happiness, find things to be happy about and share that happiness with others.To experience more abundance, be grateful for the people, places, and things you treasure that make your life rich. 

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