I Can Be Brave

26 Mar

No matter what challenge lies before you and no matter what challenges lie ahead, having faith, self-belief, hope and courage will give you strength. It just takes practice.

What attitude did you adopt to get through a challenging time in the past? Think through that experience in detail and look for clues as to how you can handle the challenge at hand. Was there a time when you didn’t handle a challenge well? What were the results of your attitude then? Was there a time when you did handle a challenge well? What were the results then?  

Being brave takes practice. But for every time you faced a situation that made you uncomfortable or fearful, and for every time you got out of your comfort zone, you have practiced being brave! So, reflect on those experiences and carefully consider how you can apply what you learned then to your experience now. How can you be brave?

Practicing courage over time builds the resilience and inner strength you will need for any difficult time you may experience in the future, too. So, let's tap into that now! I believe you can be brave, my Pineapple!

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