I Can Create More Meaningful Connections

06 Jan

Pick your potatoes!

Recently, I bought a package of pre-cooked roasted potatoes at Costco. I had bought them before and remembered what a great shortcut for a hot but fast meal of rotisserie chicken, salad, and potatoes. But, this time, I was bummed to find out that most of the potatoes weren't good. I don't know how they even made it into the package. The package comes with two boxes. So, I took the best potatoes of the two boxes to serve and threw out the rest.

Relationships are a lot like these potatoes. You don't need a lot of friends, but you do need good quality ones. Make meaningful connections and relationships that serve your highest good. Dead-end relationships who drain you with their toxic energy chip away at your self-worth and self-esteem. And, their negative attitudes become your attitudes.

So, stay away from self-centered people you can't rely on for help, humor, support, encouragement, or the truth - even if it hurts! Friends who are willing to be honest with you respect your growth and your goals! Being too soft or only telling you what you want to hear is patronizing and a waste of time. It won't make you grow or protect you from reality. I mean, would you hire a therapist to lie to you?

You are worth surrounding yourself with the most positive people who lift you higher and carry you closer to your dreams and desires.

So, pick the best potatoes, my pineapples!

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