I Can Focus on the People and Things that Matter Most in My Life

25 Mar

In light of the pandemic sweeping our nation and the world, it is natural to respond and react out of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and despair. While it is natural to feel any emotion or range of emotions, consider this fact: it is by choice. Of course, it can certainly take practice to choose different emotions and overcome waves of negative feelings during a challenging time! But I hope you find a way to practice self-care and self-compassion for how you or anyone else around you are feeling. Be kinder, gentler and more loving when possible. 

To help you, it is now the best time to use positive affirmations to help alter your thoughts because they rule your emotions. The more positive your thoughts and your self-talk, the more positive your emotional responses, reactions and actions moving forward.  It is just about practicing. Do not focus on perfecting!

Starting today - if you have not already - think about what is most important. Of course you may be afraid for you and your family if you have lost income, but let's practice hope, faith and optimism that friends and family will pull together to help each other. We must have faith in humanity and that starts with having faith in ourselves. Use daily affirmations to strengthen your mindset and your faith.

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