I Can Handle Anything That Comes My Way

02 May

Anything worth achieving in life is also worth your time, energy, and effort.  So, while you reconnect, recharge, and reset today, consider this: You can handle any challenge that comes your way.

Challenges are like mountains.  Life regularly presents mountains for us to climb.  You must believe that you can climb and conquer your mountain. Don’t let your mountain stand between you and your dreams.  Don’t let it stop you from creating the life you desire. Everything you want is just on the other side of it. Tall, strong, and majestic, your mountain can teach you how to stand taller, get stronger, and rise above with courage, dignity, and resilience. 

Like a rock climber, face your mountain and take a deep breath. Take several breaths. On the last exhale, extend your reach, get a firm grip, and take a step that will lift you higher.  Then, take another and another.  With every step you climb, you move higher and farther away from the ground beneath you. Before long, you will rise above.

Rock climbing is one of the most intense sports you can perform against gravity.  A rock climber's body experiences several changes during a climb.  You, too, will experience changes in your climb to the top. Your heart rate may rise and your breath may slow down.   And, just like a climber, you might also have to rely on parts of you that you haven’t had to rely on before - right down to your fingertips. The climb might become uncomfortable and even painful at times, but with a focused mind, you will endure.

As you ascend your mountain, even your mind will change.  In her YouTube video, “What Happens to Your Body When You Climb,” rock climbing expert Shauna Coxsey says, "Every elite athlete develops the quiet eye, a visual perception that neuroscientists say allows an athlete to focus more intensely and block out any distractions." Just like a rock climber, you will gain clarity during your climb, which will ultimately help you succeed in getting to the top of your mountain.

If you stumble during your climb, causing rocks to fall and crumble under your feet, you can't look back. Instead, you must focus your gaze upward and continue to move onward. And, just as a rock climber has to fight gravity to catch the next "hold," you must resist the urge to retreat to your comfort zone.  This is the only way to propel yourself forward in life.

Once you've reached the top, take a moment to look around and admire the breathtaking view.  This is your reward.  You might also find the experience has transformed you. From this vantage point, you can appreciate all the blood, sweat, and tears you've invested in your journey. Not only do youe see that you had the courage to face, climb, and conquer your mountain, but you also see how your experience helped you build confidence.  With this newfound confidence, you can handle any challenge that comes next. In other words, you now have proof that it can be done - you can conquer your mountain.

You can overcome challenges, my Pineapple. You can handle anything that comes your way.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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