I Can Handle Change

17 Apr

Change can be negative. It can be hard, ugly, time-consuming, complicated, uncomfortable, confining, and downright painful. Changes in our lives can be so dramatic and the results of these changes can be just as traumatic.

Change can also be positive. It can be easy, beautiful, simplifying, freeing, innovative, transformative, revolutionary and evolutionary. In fact, the results of life changes could be better than you could have ever imagined, like the forces in nature, particularly the process of becoming a butterfly.

In the four stages of a butterfly’s life - egg, larva, pupa and butterfly, it is the changes that occur inside the pupa that are the most difficult, dramatic and yet rewarding. The caterpillar, or larva, starts out short, stubby, and not very attractive, but once it forms itself into a pupa, or chrysalis, (or cocoon for some butterflies) its body parts - tissues, organs and limbs - undergo a rapid transformation to create a beautiful butterfly. Once it emerges from the chrysalis, it will spread its colorful wings and master flying within hours. This metamorphosis is the most stunning and awe-inspiring in nature.

This pandemic has forced many changes upon us and our lifestyles, but they may have affected us differently. Are you closer to others or have you been ripped apart? Are you ruined financially or did you find your life was rich enough? Are you lost and confused or have you found clarity and your true self?

Once the stay-at-home orders are lifted, you can decide whether you or your life has changed for the better or for the worse. Once we are released from this restrictive lifestyle and finally emerge from our homes, I hope you have overcome the changes that occurred within your cocoon, spread your wings and take flight like the beautiful butterfly you are.

Let’s see your colors, my Pineapple, and let’s see how high you can go from here.

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