I Can Keep My Head Up

08 Apr

No matter what life throws at you; no matter what challenge you’re facing, the strongest move you can make is keeping your head up!

When used as a figure of speech, “keep your head up” is an expression meant to encourage you to stay strong and to not let a bad situation make you sad.

But it’s so much more. When used literally, the act of keeping your head up is a form of body language. While effective communication is the key to success, body language speaks the loudest. Nonverbal cues are constantly at work even when we’re silent, which means that body language is always sending messages - strong ones, at that. But, it’s up to you to choose what you want your message to convey. Are you trying to cultivate relationships, appear sincere or kind, create peace, build trust, or project strength, courage or confidence? These are just a few examples.

Keeping your head up is a positive and open form of body language. Opening your body language not only makes you more approachable to others, but it also opens your mind, which creates movement and space for all kinds of possibilities in health, happiness and success to come your way.  Use this positive affirmation as well as see how it feels to walk through your day keeping your head up and note the quality of your interactions,

Keep your head up, my Pineapple!

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