I Can Lean into the Wind

09 Oct


Life feels extra tough and demanding when it presents changes we're not wanting or willing to accept. When we've been on a course of direction for any length of time and the winds have picked up, pushing us in a different direction, we tend to fight it. But, actually, the best course of action is to lean into it.

Leaning into life's changes and challenges means to embrace whatever difficulties and uncertainties you're facing. While uncertainty is scary and unpleasant, it is possible that something good will come from it. So, just embrace it piece by piece or step by step.

By embracing your new reality, you are embracing the present moment. The present teaches us what is and not what we had hoped it would be. It teaches us not to dwell too long on something that didn't work out or what might have been. It's simply telling us it wasn't meant for us any longer. It has served its purpose and now our task is to find the good in what comes next.

So, find the lessons, pull the experience you've gained, and move foward. Allow yourself some time to see all angles of the situation and to discover what brings you joy now.

Lean into the wind and sail the high seas. It can take you to beautiful places you've yet to discover.

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