I Can Reach My Goals

25 Sep

What are your goals? Is it to have more energy, lose weight, move, make more money, become debt-free, or travel the world? These are a few things you might find daunting or even impossible to achieve.

Achieving a goal isn't easy, but it's possible if you approach it correctly - not perfectly. Good intentions combined with appropriate actions make anything POSSIBLE!

1. BREAK DOWN your goal into smaller steps/phases. Taking only one step at a time is an EMPOWERING way to reduce stress and anxiety and increase focus and enthusiasm.

2. IDENTIFY action steps that are doable right now. Maybe all the steps necessary to achieve that goal aren't within reach. Focus on those that are. Once you achieve some progress maybe some solutions to obstacles will appear.

3. SHARE your goal only with those who are supportive and positive. If it's only 1 person -- ding ding, that person wins! Also consider an accountability group/club whose members have goals similar to yours. But, you might also find it satisfying to go solo until you're ready to share. That's cool too!

4.  CHART your progress. Make your to-do lists, check off those action steps you achieved, and CELEBRATE your victories - big or small!

5. REVIEW. Periodically evaluate what's working or what's not. Then, tweak your actions accordingly. Your courage, confidence, and enthusiasm may build when you look back and see how far you've come. If you plateau or lose enthusiasm, take a step back to reset, recharge, or seek support for new ideas or a big push!

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